Does Colour Matter in Branding?

October 29, 2016

There’s a lot of articles written, discussions had and infographics made about the powerful influence of colour in defining a brand. But does it actually matter?

In short, yes and no. Though we could put together a long list of logos and brands that use colour to great effect and follow the ‘colour rules’, we can put together an equally long list of brands that don’t conform to these rules.

So why should we care about colour? Because one way or the other, it does have an impact on how people perceive things. For example, blue is always associated with safety and trust. But why is this? Ultimately, blue is the colour of the sky and the sea, so people know it well – and are comfortable with it.

Here’s the crux though; colour only matters in context. If you have a logo, company and message that revolves around risk, blue is a poor choice. It’s not going to make people feel comfortable just because you used it. The colours you’re using should be considered, always, in conjunction with the complete brand you’re developing.

Here’s a few great illustrations of how colour can impact visuals;

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