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Beautiful brand management & design. Made for you.

Our Unique Approach


DFM is not just a graphic design company. Our carefully trained experts understand marketing and the power of a strong brand.


Our design and branding is carefully checked and reviewed to ensure the highest quality.


We're not just here to create a new brand and walk away. We're here to ensure that your brand becomes as strong as you deserve.


Our expertise extends beyond simple branding. Advice, manufacture and printing, and our other areas of service such as web design come together for you.


Having managed some of the largest brands in the South Africa and developed strong brands for corporates and SMEs alike, your brand is in great hands.


Everything we do is customised for your company. Always. You get the best results for your needs, and it's always built for you.

Our Brand Development Expertise

Brand Development

Our experience providing branding services to companies large and small gives us a unique insight into various industries. We design brands from scratch, providing high-quality and long term corporate identities.

What makes our approach unique? We don't just give you a logo; we consider what will work for your company. That means we do our research, understand your business and produce a brand identity that will guide your company to the future.


Re-branding a company is a unique and particular challenge that we tackle head-on. Researching industry trends and considering insight into effectiveness of everything from colours to fonts is an important part of repositioning any brand.

The end result of this approach is an extensive corporate identity that defines your company and brand.

Collateral Design

Our design capabilities extend to brand collateral; from brochures to business cards and banners, we implement your corporate identity and campaign designs into all print media.

We also manage and print all of these items for you, ensuring that you never get incorrect work or poor quality results.

Brand Strategy

Your brand strategy is an extremely important aspect of your business operations. From your story to your market positioning, brand positioning and differentiation, you need to show the world how great you are through a cohesive strategy.
SME Branding
Corporate Branding
Print & Manufacture

Our Experience

Solar Biotech
Our task was to develop a new brand for Solar Biotech that focused on their technical expertise and overall attention to detail. We selected a range of blues with a simple icon that becomes recognisable on its own.
branding companies, brand design south africa
6 Root Sense
Social media campaign, management and interaction for the George the Giraffe national road safety campaign....
branding companies, brand design south africa
Various design and printed collateral for the George the Giraffe road safety campaign....
branding companies, brand design south africa
Graphic design for a variety of digital and printed items....
branding companies, brand design south africa
Segen Solar
Continuing management of social media platforms, including design & content creation, posting, advertising, and community management....
branding companies, brand design south africa
Segen Solar
DFM helped Segen Solar formalise their brand, bringing their message together in a more coherent way. Design, printing and manufacturing of a variety of branded items....
branding companies, brand design south africa
Design of a complete brand for Rock Mining Machines, with a clean approach and a design the references the moving parts of heavy machinery....
branding companies, brand design south africa
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Our Marketing Services

advertising agencies, johannesburg south africa Branding & Design

With our graphic design department we offer exceptional brand management and collateral. We design for startups and corporates alike, ensuring brand consistency and effective implementation of printed or manufactured collateral.

advertising agencies, johannesburg south africa Advertising

With our advertising team, we built creative campaigns across digital and traditional media. Our range of expertise includes media planning and buying, creative and implementation.

advertising agencies, johannesburg south africa Marketing Strategy

With our range of services and expertise, we analyse what your goals are and build a marketing strategy to achieve them. With years of experience across industries, we create a solution unique to you.

advertising agencies, johannesburg south africa Digital Advertising

Digital advertising is one of the most effective marketing tools available. From video, search and display ads to social media advertising, these methods generate effective results across industries.

advertising agencies, johannesburg south africa Website Development

Part of our digital division, our website development services are second to none. We create effective experiences for your customers that take into account the best way to get results.

advertising agencies, johannesburg south africa Social Media

Our team of content specialists, designers and social media managers build campaigns across social platforms that build brands and engage. It's not just about posting - it's about results.


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