5 Great Non-Digital Marketing Techniques

February 7, 2015

We write lots of articles about digital marketing and how great it is (see www.dragonflydigital.co.za/blog), but sometimes a bit of old-school marketing is needed. In fact, our advice is to always approach your marketing from both perspectives to get the best results. Here are a few marketing techniques that don’t require an internet connection…

Business Cards are Still Important


Even with all the digital ways of connecting with people, nothing says professional better than a great business card. Don’t just be boring – get an interesting card designed using unusual cuts or printing techniques to really stand out.


Use Branded Marketing Tools


Whether at a conference or expo, or simply trying to promote your product, branded items such as pens are a great way to market yourself. If you visit your clients, always leave behind something branded to remind them you were there.


Print Creatively


Flyers, brochures and company profiles are still useful. People like to have something in front of them when considering their options. But you’ll have to stand out from the crowd with unusual design, cuts and creative ways of drawing attention.


Use Expos and Trade Shows

Although these can sometimes be expensive, they are great for meeting new clients and creating awareness of your company. Don’t forget to give away branded merchandise and have your unusual business cards at hand.


Create Competitions

People love free stuff, and competitions are a useful opportunity to create awareness. You don’t always need to give away a holiday or something huge – prizes such as offering your service for free are very effective.