5 Ways To Revive Your Social Media

September 28, 2016

So you have a Facebook page and a Twitter account, you’re on LinkedIn… but you have no idea what you are doing and all your social media efforts have failed. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Approximately 70% of business pages on Facebook are inactive.

Many businesses sign up on social media in an attempt to promote themselves, but there’s a problem: they’re not really sure how to do social media. A common problem is a lack of creativity and inspiration that doesn’t encourage much interaction from fans and followers. This misunderstanding often results in a lack of engagement and ultimately, the abandonment of your page or profile.

1Article by Nicole Langsford, Copywriter and Social Media Manager

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A major pitfall in social media marketing is that it‘s often considered as a separate component in the marketing plan and not integrated into the overall strategy. However, social media is not an isolated venture but a centrepiece of your strategy.

According to Mari Smith, an influential social media strategist, “social media increases your chances of getting found online”, which is why yours may need a little TLC. It’s important to keep your profiles up-to-date to avoid losing potential business. If fans visit a page that was last updated in 2013, chances are they’re going to think you’ve gone out of business or you’re simply uninterested in your customers.

Before you start to panic about your abandoned Facebook page, or your bare Instagram account- we’re here to help. Here are five ways to revive your social media marketing to get it into shape for summer.

1. Don’t give up

The last thing you want to do is give up on social media, even if you feel like it’s useless. The average South African spends just short of 5 hours online everyday- 3 of which are spent on social media. Are you convinced yet? Social media has become a marketing channel that users hardly ever put down- which is why you shouldn’t give up on it just yet. According to MarketingProfs, some of the most successful companies rely on social media as their primary lead generation strategy.

2. Always plan ahead

You should always have a plan, whether it be a weekly, monthly or yearly plan, you need a strategy for your efforts to succeed. Mark future events and holidays on your calendar and plan campaigns to coincide. It’s important to re-evaluate your marketing goals often and structure your social media accordingly. Time-saving is a great benefit of planning ahead since your posts will all be ready to go and you’re not wasting time each day looking for something to post.

3. Pick your platforms

There are thousands of social media platforms, but this doesn’t mean you need to be active on all of them. Once you’ve determined your main goals, and identified your target market, pick your platforms wisely. Choose platforms to suit your brand and where your target market is most active. Start off with only one platform, learn it’s intricacies and become an expert. Once you’re comfortable move on to another platform. As Neil Patel said: “If you try to be awesome at everything, you’ll just be mediocre at a few things.”

4. Use the right tools

There are hundreds of social media tools available- so use them. Track the metrics of your pages to measure their performance. This will help you to see what you’re doing right and what you should consider changing. Some great tools like Hootsuite, Buffer and Sprout Social allow you to schedule posts ahead of time and track their performance.

5. Run a great campaign

It’s likely that you’ve heard the words “engage” and “interact” when talking about social media, implying a two-way conversation. This is exactly what you need to do. Open a two-way channel to your audience and let them talk to you too.

It’s not very strategic to post a few times a week accompanied by a random selection of pictures. However, a well-thought out campaign can prove successful. It may take some time and budget, but it will be worth it.

Running a campaign is the perfect way to initiate interaction. It also has a wide variety of benefits, helping to build brand loyalty, increase engagement, giving your brand a voice to handle complaints and reward compliments, as well as gain valuable knowledge about your audience and make your brand more interesting.

Here are a few reasons why you need to get your social media in shape this summer: