Baiting business emails

September 24, 2019

Poor email marketing tactics 101

This has now happened a number of times to us and I think it worth mentioning as an example of poor or questionable marketing tactics that should be avoided.

I do not know who believes sending deceitful service quote requests is a good marketing strategy to secure new business or a novel way to introduce your company to potential clients!


Suppliers sending emails requesting quotes on services they know you do not offer, but they do!

When you reply that you can source the services from a third party, they indicate that they offer the service they requested the quote on and that you should use them when you require this service.


We received an email requesting that we quote on vehicle wrapping. They even specified what type of vinyl wrap will need to be used for the wrapping.

We responded that we outsource this service.

The follow-up email introduced their vehicle wrapping service to us, should we require this service in the future. Even attached their company profiles to the response email.


Why not be upfront and send your company profile and requesting to be placed on the supplier database.


I am certain that we will not use this company for vehicle wrapping or any other service they offer.