Building Great Websites that Influence People [infographic]

March 19, 2017

Every day we see thousands of websites that are designed exactly the same way. With the same layout, and the same old approach. That’s because a huge amount of the websites out there today are made with WordPress.

And unfortunately for everybody, many developers are lazy. So instead of designing a website that fits the company, or achieves a goal, or sells a product, they produce a website that can be squished conveniently into their already-purchased, general template.

That’s a huge mistake.

Websites exist to achieve a goal. In most cases this goal is to sell a product or service. In other words, they are marketing tools. And as marketing tools, they should be planned in the context of effective marketing. That means; engaging content and images, strong messages, highlighted call-to-actions, application to the target market, adaptation to the product at hand, and so on. Basically, using a standard WordPress template website is a poor marketing choice.

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