Content Marketing for SEO

March 2, 2018

Content marketing is one part of the SEO puzzle. A very important part in fact, since over 50% of all traffic comes from organic search.

If those statistics are anything to go by, one of your main marketing goals should be to land on the first page of Google. Or at least be the most relevant answer in an online query.

A great way to do this is to focus on long-tail keywords. 50% of all search queries are at least 4 words long, so creating content with this in mind will help your marketing efforts.

It’s no surprise that most marketers agree that the most effective tactic for SEO is content creation. Use the infographic below to find out which other essential statistics can help you on your content creation journey.Content Marketing for <a href='' alt='seo companies, Johannesburg South Africa'>SEO</a> Infographic