How to Create a Killer Content Strategy

February 28, 2018

Content marketing is the holy grail of all marketing efforts. Whether you want to increase brand awareness, generate leads, build a social community or seal the deal with a sale; it all starts with a killer content strategy.

Marketers have increasingly seen the benefits of content marketing. In fact, more than 60% of B2B marketers reported that their content marketing strategies were more effective than the previous year. So, what makes a great content strategy?

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A great content marketing strategy has the power to build brand loyalty and trust. More importantly, it can be used to attract and transform prospects into customers and which marketer doesn’t want that?

We understand that content is the cornerstone of all your marketing efforts, so we’ve found 4 easy steps you can use to implement a custom solution for your brand.

Read on to find out how to create the ultimate content strategy and start making great returns, today:

Step 1: Have a Multi-Skilled Team

The nature of content marketing is constantly changing and so should the teams that are producing it.

Content marketing is no longer just about having great writers and blogging anymore. In fact, the companies making great returns with their content marketing strategies have realised that the best content is customised for the ever-changing audience.

This means your writers (and other team members) should also be well-versed in other skills such as analytics, content distribution, graphic design and video production, to name a few.

It’s reported that the average company will use a combination of at least 8 tactics across a range of media. How many are you currently using?

Do an audit of your in-house skills and see where people can put their other passions to work. Invest in short courses if you need to. The bottom line is, your content marketing team must be able to adapt quickly to the changing formats and platforms of consumption.


Step 2: Understand the influence of The Internet of Things

Living in the digital age means the content we produce as marketers is no longer restricted to on-screen interactions. We’re part of an exciting revolution in which content can now be completely hands and eyes free because of how it’s interwoven in our daily experiences.

Marketers who want to create outstanding campaigns will take advantage of this by including digital content on platforms and devices that people can access anywhere.

Before you begin investing in those 360° videos and interactive shopping experiences, ask yourself: what are my consumers looking for and how can I get this to them in a non-traditional way?

Investing in these new forms can be costly if not done the right way. Avoid this by ensuring your content is highly targeted. Also remember, mobile-ready is the new normal so make sure what you create can be easily integrated to both Android and iOS platforms.


Step 3: Keep Up with Conversations that Matter

It’s true content marketing can be focused on delivering the latest news and insights but it’s more than just trendspotting.

In an ideal world, your content marketing efforts should be so in tune with your audience that you know what people are discussing before it becomes mainstream.

To do this effectively, you’ll need to up your intake of data and insights. However, it’s not just about looking at the numbers but rather analysing the research and delivering matching content to your audience, in a meaningful way.

A great resource to do this is through the revamped Facebook IQ site. This platform analyses data and trends from conversations happening on Facebook and delivers insights that you can use to inform your strategy. As one of one of the largest social media platforms, both by businesses and consumers, this is definitely data worth looking into.


Step 4: Understand that Content Creates the Buyer Journey

One of the most important things to understand about content marketing is that most marketing tactics rely on it to succeed. As mentioned above, it’s the cornerstone of all marketing efforts and should be treated as such.

Consider how some of the most popular tactics including social media marketing, blogs, articles, infographics, video and even podcasts rely on great content to succeed.

As a marketer, you should ensure that what you’re creating across these different platforms is made to grab your potential buyers’ attention and build trust. Essentially, you want to use your content marketing to create a unique experience that people will associate with your brand.

Not only this, but your content must be diverse, purposeful and interconnected if you want to make it worth your while. Oh, and remember that it must never stop at conversion. In fact, you could say this is where your content marketing efforts really begin.


Your content marketing strategy ultimately begins with your organisational needs. Be sure to clearly define your business goals before you consider creating a content plan and then do an audit to figure out which areas need the most attention.

Although one of the biggest challenges businesses face is anticipating what’s next in their industry, a clearly defined content marketing strategy designed to include these 4 essential steps will definitely help you reach your goals faster.

How To Killer Content Strategy Infographic