How to Market to Millennials on Social Media

May 23, 2017

It’s no doubt that marketing has taken some major twists and turns since the advent of social media. In fact, if you are a company not doing digital, you’re most likely going to lose out on all the buying power that millennials have.

These younger generation consumers are tech-savvy, mobile and the most social generation in history, plus 84% of them don’t trust traditional advertising. So, how do you successfully market to this generation and maintain their brand loyalty? The answer lies in using the right approach when it comes to the place they spend their time the most – social media.

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While social media is quite obviously a global phenomenon that no marketing company can ignore, there are a few differences when it comes to targeting a specific market like millennials.

This generation’s affinity for technology helps shape the way they shop and the decisions they make related to certain brands and products. To ensure that your business is walking the millennial walk and talking their tech-savvy talk, make sure you are paying attention to the following aspects of your social media marketing.

1. Platform and content

Tapping into the right platform is important to ensure you’re selling to this group of consumers. Dubbed the online generation, businesses can’t afford to not have a social media presence. Similarly, the type of content you put on social media will have a huge impact on whether these consumers engage with you or not.

Millennials make up 41 – 67% of people that use Facebook and this is a great place to start if you want to build an online presence and brand following. Think short, positive and visually pleasing content and don’t forget about interaction since this generation is all about engagement.

2. Create influence

Millennials are all about things that speak to them. Brands need to forget the hard sell and rather focus on gaining influence by incorporating brand advocates that millennials find trustworthy and memorable into their social media marketing strategy. What better way to get someone to buy something you’re selling than if they see someone they already follow and trust doing the same?

You can also provide added value to your product or service by offering them exclusive offers for their loyalty. Think about it, what’s more influential than making someone feel like they’re number one?

3. Build trust

With millennials, a strong brand is not enough to lock in a sale. You must also ensure that your social media presence speaks volumes about what you’re offering. Ratings and reviews are now more important than ever.

More than half of this generation agrees that being able to see consumer opinions will have an influence on whether they make a purchase or not. So, make sure you’re equally always-on and ready to deal with any customer concerns or queries.

4. Subject matter

Millennials are more likely to respond to something they care about because they’re much more idealistic than previous generations.

Here at DFM, we tailor our content for our various audiences and make sure we create exceptional and unique experiences no matter the platform.

Consider creating content and experiences that are unique, artistic and authentic. More than 60% of this generation prefer seeing real people in marketing than celebrities, so a collaborative campaign can help show millennials why your brand understands their needs, as well as drive engagement.

5. Value

Millennials look for brands that bring value and value to them means maximum convenience at the lowest cost. Quality is still key but the cost is a more important factor for this online generation.

Most millennials are on the search for products or services that will enhance their lives in some way because quick and convenient is what this generation grew up on. Focus on showing how your product or service serves a purpose because that is the best way to exhibit the value your brand brings to the table.

Marketing to millennials is everyone’s top priority. Stand out from the crowd by making sure your social media strategy engages this audience in a way they that know and understand. You’ll get some great returns from this digital generation.