Can Marketers Survive Without Street Pole Ads?

March 16, 2018

According to a report by The Media Online, Outdoor Advertising giant AdReach finds themselves between a rock and a hard place. They might lose their advertising infrastructure.

In a move to clean up Johannesburg, The City of Joburg has issued a final notice of termination and requested AdReach remove its advertising and repair damage caused by advertising billboards within 90 days.

If successful, this would affect most small business owners with no other means to promote their businesses other than street pole ads.


So, what does this mean for marketers?


Well, if you’re a marketer currently operating in the B2B and social media space, the good news is you’ve already survived one major change in the industry.

While the move by the City of Joburg may jeopardise many of your already well-thought-out campaigns, it also provides an opportunity for you to stretch the limits of your ability (and creativity).

Imagine a world with no street pole ads. How would you get your perfect branding message across? What unconventional tactics would you employ?

These are all questions that were floating around the office today and the one consensus we reached is that companies will need to be incredibly creative if they want to remain relevant.

Not only that, but those that don’t see the value in digital marketing will probably have to change their tune and ensure that their strategy is aligned to include carefully targeted options to reach the right audiences.

Here’s a quick list of our marketing must-haves should the world of OOH advertising enter an apocalypse:


A great logo, corporate identity and cohesion across all your elements will make you memorable.


And not just any website, but a well-coded, responsive one that Google Search will fall in love with.

Social Media:

If you’ve got the first two down, this will only add to your online presence. Social Media allows businesses large and small to reach new audiences and you can do it with just about any budget.

Ensure you’ve invested in these tactics to keep your brand and business top of mind; no matter what changes might unexpectedly come your way.