Marketing Trends for 2018

November 28, 2017

You’ve heard the saying ‘new year, new you’ but don’t have your sights set on any changes for your business quite yet? Well, the ever-changing world of marketing needs you to be ahead of the game if you really want to present the best side of your brand.

We’ve got you covered and our experts have rounded up the top 5 trends set to take the marketing world by storm. Read on to find out how to boost your brand and get #ExceptionalMarketing results in 2018 here.

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2018 will see us building on many themes from 2017, with a few exceptions to the rule. The growing digital landscape means a greater focus on personalised content, authentic stories and strategic content distribution strategies.

Check out our top 5 marketing trend predictions for 2018 and use them to be brand ready in the new year:


1. Original Content and The Internet of Things

Marketing with a focus on authentic and original content is one trend that is here to stay. Businesses will be expected to increase their content marketing budgets to meet the demands of an information hungry generation.

The average spend in 2017 for successful businesses was reported to be 26% of the total marketing budget, with some companies pushing it up to 40%.

In 2018, continue to create great content that connects with and engages your audience through storytelling. In addition, take note of how The Internet of Things (IoT) will affect how consumers receive your content. With everything digital, content is no longer just restricted to online mediums as a rise in connected devices means content can be accessed offline.


2. Strategic Distribution

If you’re not thinking about how to structure your content marketing and social media plans for 2018, you should be. Then take a moment to consider how you’ll send this information out to your followers.

Consider this: your business is competing with over 400 000 search queries on Google, almost 2.5 million pieces of content on Facebook and more than 200 000 new photos on Instagram, every minute.

2018 will need you to delve deeper into how to effectively get your content to the right channels by using multi-channel and social distribution plans.

Think about how you can integrate content marketing into the customer journey for example. Alternatively, boost your social marketing by finding avenues to deliver more awareness and traffic. An easy way to start is by promoting on Facebook’s news feed, offering discounts or creating promotions specific to your different social media profiles.


3. Video Marketing

2017 was the year of video marketing and 2018 will see this marketing tactic go into overdrive.

It’s reported 80% of global consumer internet traffic will be made up of video by 2019. Stay ahead of the noise by leveraging your social media for your video marketing purposes.

Find what motivates and connects with your audience and translate this into short and sweet videos to engage your consumers. In addition, put a special focus on live video and 360° photos and video. This type of interactive visual content is a great way to increase engagement and we’ll definitely see a lot more of it from brands in 2018.


4. Convergence of Paid, Owned and Earned Media

Content will no longer be confined to the paid, owned and earned groups we’ve been using to build our brands in the past. Instead, we’ll see the rise of converged media that is made up of all three channels.

Currently, 88% of consumers say direct advertisements have little influence on their purchase decisions, so why not strategically place your marketing eggs in more than one basket to make the most of your budget?

Use these media channels together to support your social media strategy. If you have external and internal teams, improve the way they manage your brands content development, deployment and promotion. This means being responsive to customer queries, complaints and comments and being visible on social media through great campaigns that combine all three tactics.


5. Bridging the Talent Gap

It’s reported that almost 50% of employers are unable to fill job vacancies because of the skills gap. Does this mean out with the old and in with the new? Sort of. In 2018, marketers should be making the most of both their young and more seasoned talent.

Do this by combining the power of traditional and newer marketing knowledge.

Integrate the creativity and fresh perspectives of the younger tech-savvy generation with the core marketing skills presented from traditional marketing techniques. This means getting your new recruits to effectively understand and apply skills like SEO, analytics and content marketing to their mobile and social marketing knowledge. Once you bridge this gap, you’ll find you have a stronger team that is dedicated to growing your brand to its full potential because they’re focusing on the work they know best.


2018 is great time to start investing in your marketing strategy if you haven’t already. Stay ahead of the competition by using these tips to drive some fantastic marketing results you can brag about in the new year.